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NHS Spine infrastructure overhaul saves £21m in 12 months 04-09-2015 Reworking of backbone yields significant time and cost savings for public sector healthcare

Hosting services

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Many companies store documents on an internal server. These servers are often prone to viruses, backup failures and mostly have limited access if any from outside the office. With a hosted file server a business can have access to documents from anywhere. The attraction of this to a business is no upfront hardware purchases and the backup happens automatically.


Hosted Exchange allows a business to have a Microsoft exchange server without the management headache of an email server in their office. It is a full Microsoft Exchange solution but delivered over the internet charged. Hosted exchange is charged on a basis of number of users, and is charged monthly.


Microsoft Exchange Hosted Services (EHS) offers online tools to help your organization protect itself from spam and malware, satisfy retention requirements for e-discovery and compliance, encrypt data to preserve confidentiality, and maintain access to e-mail during and after emergency situations.

The services are quick and easy to implement. Because they are deployed over the Internet, there is no need to modify your existing e-mail infrastructure, install and maintain any new hardware or specialized software, or invest in training for IT staff or end users. With a simple configuration change, you can begin using Exchange Hosted Services right away.

Additionally, because the service is delivered online, users can access their e-mail anywhere, anytime.

Microsoft CRM online service allows a business to run a cloud based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This allows all staff of a business to operate on a web based system, meaning it can deliver shared customer information to all staff from anywhere, mobile, laptop or office. This is delivered without the upfront cost of hardware or software and is charged per user per month.

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