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I.T. News

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China and Russia collecting Ashley Madison data for intelligence purposes 03-09-2015 Foreign intelligence is aiming to build profiles of people's personal lives from hacking data


You know how important it is to prepare your business plan and budgets at the end of the year. Otherwise you have no visibility of what is down the road for your business leading to costly surprises.

The same goes for the I.T. infrastructure in your company. If you don’t plan and budget for your business’ future technical requirements it could end up costing you time and money due to emergency hardware replacements, downtime or even data loss.


At Vision I.T., we understand the challenges facing businesses today and the importance of a properly functioning I.T. infrastructure. Our customers have depended on our expertise to ensure their money is invested wisely in technology that is right for their needs and more importantly, allowing them time to focus on running their businesses.

As part of the service, we assess your current I.T. infrastructure including network setup, back-up solutions and network security. Based on this information, we will produce a report that will guide you through your future technical needs and enable you to make informed technology decisions for your future business plans.


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