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Why Use Cloud Computing


There are many claimants to the concept of cloud computing but as users that is irrelevant to us. Cloud computing as the moniker suggests refers to computing power in an imaginary bubble which is called a cloud and allows users to access software, applications, data and what-have-you from a common location and this service is shared by multiple users within a secure or open environment. question-cloud


Though the concept has been around for the last couple of decades under various names, the most recent one being SaaS (Software as a service), it is the recent increase in bandwidth availability and the need to share in order to be productive that has seen cloud computing become an acceptable concept. Some ways you may know it in your day-to-day life would be things like online file share services, Google Docs, mobile push and sync services and even email.


The two main components of cloud computing are the hardware and the software which are alighed to store, interact and deliver data. There are multiple applications that work in a cloud, including SaaS services, web based email and content distribution networks including file sharing apps.

Cloud computing has real benefits when it comes to data sharing and its these advantages which has led to its adaption in multiple organizations at a fairly rapid pace:

1)     Bringing down computing costs in organizations. Most businesses are groaning under the costs of high-end hardware for their employees as apps become more and more resource hungry. Using a cloud to store apps which is accessible to users from a basic terminal brings in a control factor to these costs. Since cost cutting is a major concern these days, the concept of cloud computing is having its day under the sun.

2)     Greater freedom for the cloud users as they can access data and applications from just about anywhere via multiple devices (like terminals, mobile,  net books etc). Since the terminals can be quite basic, this helps bring down overall hardware costs as well.

3)     Centralized and agile…might sound like a dream for some technocrats but it really is true. You can now use cloud computing to ensure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to computing standards, there is practically no down-time and just one implementation of a new application can result 100% implementation.

4)     Security in cloud computing is much better than a scattered network and that is one of the reasons why clouds are working.

5)     Clouds are also comparatively easy to manage and bring down the costs as well as headache of maintenance disparate servers. In fact network managers love cloud computing as it puts everything together in a very organized manner.

With so many benefits and few downsides, cloud computing is the IT industry’s darling, the sooner you adapt to it the faster you will be able harness the benefits of this phenomena.



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